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17 September 2012 @ 04:52 pm
[sticky post] et cetera  
This is the place I intend to dump all the things I do or "make" (except fanfics). I'll be posting my icons, famixes, manga colorings, et cetera (hence the title) here for people to enjoy or ignore or whatever. Rules I will be pasteing from the old icon journal and will be as follows:
(1.) please comment if taking icons.
(2.) credit if using any icons. this is a must!
(3.) no hotlinking.
(4.) no claiming as your own work.
(5.) do NOT make changes to graphics/icons/etc.
Credit for this journal's css is in the links list as well as a link to the tags list (which should come in handy). Not much other than that except to enjoy. Also: here is a tutorial on how to rid yourself of some of the ads (if you use firefox).
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